Fire extinguishers are the best way to combat small fires in the workplace and at home. Experts recommend that you have a fire extinguisher in every room. They can prevent a small fire from becoming a blaze, and the proper use of one can potentially prevent thousands of Rupees  in damage, injury, and even death. But to be effective, fire extinguishers have to be installed,maintained and proper training required. Without proper maintenance and training  , an extinguisher is worthless. 


Installation of Fire Safety Equipment

We provides complete installation support of all the products we offer. We provide our customers with a quality installed solution. In the installation of fire extinguishers, to sophisticated engineered systems we ensure our customers have received a code compliant, quality installation. Clients & Customers can be guaranteed the installation will be performed by experienced, factory trained, and proper technicians.


Maintenance of Fire Safety Equipment

 We understand the importance of a properly maintained life safety fire protection system. We distributes quality equipment with excellent warranties. This equipment maintained  by our skilled technicians offer our customers a quality service package. We understand that after the quality installation is complete, it is our responsibility to provide our customers with long term professional service. We respond to our  customer with immediate, 24 hour a day emergency service.


Fire Protection Design

The designers understand their responsibility; that the designs they provide are life safety, and protect critical customer assets. The designers perform  site surveys and review construction plans to ensure proper design. The design department works closely with insurance underwriters, safety/risk managers and local authorities having jurisdiction. We assures our customers that all required codes and  standards are met. Design build fire protection projects are our expertise.


Project Management

Customers often present us with a variety of challenging life safety fire protection needs. Our project managers are exceptionally skilled at managing integrated solutions.  Our project managers are skilled at managing our technicians as well as multiple trades. Communication and coordination is managed from the design phase through the final inspection and project completion. Our project managers meet schedules and deliver quality projects.



Our technicians, installers, and designers attend manufacturers training throughout the year at their facilities, and occasionally manufacturers will hold training at our offices.

 We also track service and installation reports to ensure that 100% of each system has been functionally tested. Our unique reporting system tracks all deficiencies to resolution, providing vital system management